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These rifles will be built using factory MilSpec 22lr uppers and lowers

And are being done with shooters in mind that wants to do their own build to their own specs as and when they feel the need to upgrade parts etc.

The rifles will run perfect as is out of the box so if your just looking for a no frills 22rf that’s full mil spec that you can change every part on unlike all the other out the box guns on the market this is the one for you.

The uppers

Will be factory built stateside and have 16 inch barrels fitted with a standard A2 break and standard charging handle and a free floating Mlok forend either 10/12/13/15 inch lengths using the cmmg style barrels and bolts

Just a quick add on for those that keep asking

The tipman arms ,Smith & wesson , Kriss , Hammerli , HnK , ect ect are not full Mil Spec rifle builds at all some are more so than the others but none of them are

The lowers

These will be built by various factories stateside and will be full MilSpec and will come with the standard stock and grip FCG trigger guard ect

Brands may differ based on what’s available for each shipment

As with all onlie firearms sales these can not be orderd and payed for on line


B Y O Mil spec 22rf

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